Bridge Post Works

About Bridge PostWorks

Bridge is a unique post-production services facility based in Mumbai, India & is owned by Mr Sidharth Meer. Bridge provides post-production services such as color management for digital film, television commercials, high-end web series, and documentaries. The Bridge was started as a company that would cater to look & data management services and further on its growth journey expanded to creative color & finishing services.

Sidharth Meer is also a renowned colourist and has delivered several blockbuster projects to OTT giants such as The Lunchbox (2013)Dasavatharam (2008) and Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! (2015)Court (2015)Trapped (2017) and Newton (2017) & more such 100 films. Not only as a colourist, but Sidharth has also played the role of Post-Production Supervisor for many films. When it comes to Netflix, Sidharth has delivered excellent series & movies such as Leila & the recently launched movie Maska.

Cineom's Scope

As Bridge PostWorks was on its growth journey, Bridge decided to partner with Cineom to build their all-new 4K HDR-ready postproduction facility. Cineom was chosen to be a tech solution partner and a turnkey System Integration partner to execute this future-ready project. 

Post-on-boarding, Cineom took multiple roles & responsibilities to deliver the world-class facility to bridge post works. With an approximate area of 2000 Sq.Ft, and Four state of the art DI ( Digital Intermediate ) rooms to be made, Cineom started the initial design concepts for Bridge. While designing the facility, the Cineom team has considered all the international OTT delivery norms so that post-completion, the facility was ready to deliver the content to OTT giants such as Netflix, Amazon & Hotstar, to name a few. 

The Cineom's scope of works included the complete isolation and acoustics ( Design + Buildup + Installation + Testing ), HVAC, CCTV, Access Control & Intercom - (Design & SITC), 4K/UHD post-production system devices, including video interfaces with 12G-SDI for 4 Digital Intermediate (DI) rooms, Multi-channel surround sound audio systems, in two main rooms and a two-channel speaker system in other critical listening environments, Network design and configuration for support of Q-LAN, Dante, and AES67 requirements, Centralized Server room / Apparatus room ( Design & Setup) for all the hardware equipment's such as workstations, servers, networking devices, storage etc. 

Further, Cineom also was responsible for the Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of all the A/V equipments along with high-end post-production equipment's. 

As the facility was meant to future proof, with our set of highly skilled engineering teams, the Cineom team installed the entire facility with 10G Network connectivity & 12G SDI Cables for seamless 4K+ Workflow and 8K ready tech. Furthermore, isolated DI rooms were created with no access to the hardware (Workstations & Servers) in the room for an additional layer of content security. Also, considering the need for remote production, Cineom has designed the entire facility to have Workflow around PAM (Production asset management) in the future, which will help get Content Security, Storage scalability, increased performance, efficiency & reliability. 

Additional & small-scale jobs such as Design of conduits, wiring diagrams, A/V & Network Schematics, as-built drawings, rack-layouts / elevations, power requirements along with UPS & Supply of all the high-quality installation Material was also executed by the Cineom Project Management team, ensuring our client Bridge PostWorks a one-stop solution and a single point of contact which was Cineom.

The facility is now ready and includes two state-of-the-art Dolby Vision-enabled (4K HDR ) color grading rooms with Da Vinci Resolve color grading technology licenses. These two rooms also house in 5:1 Audio experience for the viewers to have an immersive experience. In addition to the two above rooms, two other relatively small grading rooms are meant for 4K SDR grading and consist of a two-channel audio monitoring system. 

With this technology, we are sure Bridge PostWorks will help their brands & clientele to unlock new creative and business potential with a digital content that is brighter, livelier and much more dynamic. Bridge PostWorks is by far one of the most technically advance postproduction facilities in the country, and we at Cineom are proud to deliver this project successfully.  

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