Digital Services & IT

Digital Services & IT

The need of the hour is abiding by the trend of merging broadcast and IT technologies. Cineom has mastered this trend while also entering the domain of IT software development. Our subsidiary company, Citriotech, caters to software requirements for distinct projects and building products.

We have a desirable expert capacity at designing IT & Networking architectures for corporates, broadcasters, data centers, & post studios.

Cineom’s primary understanding of the future of broadcast is tied to the cloud. Unlike competing ‘cloud’ integrators, we possess an analytical and theoretical outlook of applying cloud design patterns to enterprise media systems. We incorporate hybrid approaches to adopting cloud projects. Above all, our professionals help clients create free-of-bias and efficient solutions for an array of vendor products.

We are aware that several individuals and agencies are burdened by dealing with day-to-day support and complexities of cloud-based infrastructures. The drawbacks of inefficiently managing expensive and underutilized specialist staff can prove detrimental. This is where Cineom enters the picture.

We offer privatized services at competitive rates to effectively manage our client’s cloud assets and maintenance systems. For clients looking for one-of-a-kind data centers, Cineom offers a premium Cloud Playout solution.

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