Video & Post Production

Video & Post Production

The dependency on base-band has substantially reduced due to emerging technologies based on Digital Acquisition and IP- Workflows. Back in 2008, Cineom incorporated the first set up for MMTV along with an end-to-end file-based workflow with PAM.

Cineom is adept in integrating shooting floors with an elegant blend of base-band and IP technologies. This helps us and our clients capture live videos in combination with IP streams. Above all, this evolution equips us to produce multiple resolution files for on-line edit and proxies for several clients and users.

We offer seamless and hassle-free connections between a myriad of composting and editing suits as per the critical bandwidth requirement. Our skillful abilities in developing customized front-end interfaces increase our customer’s functionality and ease-of-operation while catering to diverse high-quality post-production requirements.

Cineom’s industry experts have decades of experience in designing and maintaining an array of production/post-production facilities in India and abroad. We work closely with our clients to provide customized studio design and build-out along with tested workflow solutions that cater to our client’s niche-specific needs, current systems engineering, and pre-installed equipment and training modules.

Our team thrives on a driven mentality of addressing the most intricate of client requirements. This has resulted in Cineom deploying over 50+ PAMs all across India. Some of our clients deal with only a handful of users whereas our enterprise-grade customers deal with hundreds of users.

File-based Infra with MAM & Archive:
  • Multi-cam Setup
  • Editing rooms (Online & off-line)
  • Centralized Storage (NAS)
  • Media/Production Asset Management and Automation
  • VFX Setup
  • On-line Graphics solution
  • Promo making factory
  • File-based QC Setup
  • Digital Intermediate Setup
  • Setup for Content Digitisation & Archival
  • 4K & HDR Workflows
  • Server Rooms & IT Networking
  • HVAC ( AC), CCTV, Access control, Fire solutions, etc.
  • Assisting agencies to lay business-specific specifications
Key solutions for Video Production & Post-production houses:

Media Asset Management (MAM) is a core keyword in the present generation of Media solutions.

Cineom’s engineers have developed customized solutions in association with leading manufacturers to build Ingest, Indexing, QC, Transcoding, Editing, Publishing, Format Management, Notification, Automation, and Play-out solutions under one roof and one control with an intention to create easy monetizing channels.

Key deliverables from our MAM/PAM solution:

  • Remote File Ingest, Field Ingest, Cloud Ingest, and Base-band Ingest Workflows
  • Transcoding
  • On-prem vs Cloud vs Hybrid Infrastructures for Content Management
  • Seamless Integration of Review and Approval Functionality for a more user-friendly experience
  • Packaging of Media for a variety of Distribution Avenues
  • Utilization of your existing Infrastructure and Technologies to maximize ROI
  • Integration across multiple tiers of Storage
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